The city of Lowell, has no professional orchestra, and I wish to change that. I want to provide the area with an ensemble that will present music at a very high level, of all styles and time periods, to the general population.

The ensemble would sometimes include, among its professional members, some music students enrolled in a local universities or conservatories, in order to provide them with an opportunity to gain experience and earn some money.

The concerts would be preceded by small introductions, given by students of music appreciation or music history students enrolled in local higher education institutions, about the pieces to be performed - this engages the students that might be taking such classes. Composers would be invited to speak about their own works whenever possible.

The performances in Lowell will take place at Middlesex Community College, the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and at other cultural institutions around the area. Some of these locations allow students to attend concerts without leaving their respective campuses, and allow the public in general to attend a concert at a proper performance space. Concerts would be repeated in locations in adjacent towns as well, whenever possible.

The concerts are completely free to attend.

In the future, I hope to grow the ensemble into a full symphony orchestra. Future plans for a youth ensemble and corresponding youth concerts are already in the planning stages.

The Team

We are working on our core roster. Come back soon.

Orlando Cela, Music Director

Gustav Cabrales, Executive Director